Industrial Shelving For Sale in Lee’s Summit Area

Industrial Shelving for Sale in the Lee’s Summit Area. Contact Warehouse Solutions, Inc. (800) 278-1715, for new and used shelving. Industrial shelving is the typical warehouse unit. These shelves are found in almost every warehouse, used by many different types of companies. Industrial warehouse shelving is able to hold anything from boxes and tools to chemicals and materials.

Purchasing shelving is easy. From simple steel shelving to mobile aisle shelving, Warehouse Solutions offers easy solutions to your storage needs. In the Lee’s Summit area, we can help you determine the type of shelving you need to make the most out of your space.

Choosing the Right Lee’s Summit Shelving

  • Bin shelving is great for holding small materials and components. Bins are easy to organize and rearrange to create a more versatile shelving system and are a great supplement to any larger storage system.
  • Boltless rivet shelving offers easy assembly because it does not use nuts, bolts, or clips to stay together. By utilizing a snap-in system, boltless rivet shelving is a quick storage solution that is easy to put together.
  • Metal shelving is the standard shelving unit. Metal shelving can store many different kinds of items of all shapes and sizes. Extra dividers and compartments can be added to increase storage and sorting space.
  • Mobile aisle shelving is perfect for freeing up warehouse space. Mobile aisle shelving compacts your shelves together and lets you open up the shelf that you specifically need when you need it. Access records, files, and small parts only when needed by utilizing its track and crank system.
  • Modular drawer shelving clears up clutter. Pullout drawers of different sizes open up storage space while providing ease of access to tools, small parts, and inventory.
  • Record shelving creates an easy way to store large amounts of files and boxes efficiently. Free up space in the office by putting important files and records away in a manageable fashion.
  • Wide span bulk racks are great for holding large and heavy items. Easy to assemble with many storage levels, these shelves are great for all purposes.
  • Wire shelving is for delicate inventory and materials. Wire shelving keeps your inventory safe from germs and contamination by reducing dust and dirt that gathers on shelves. The finishes stop corrosion and extra accessories can customize the shelves to your needs. These shelves are perfect for places that need a clean environment such as food or medical facilities.

Used vs. New Shelving

Industrial Shelving For Sale in the Lee’s Summit Area

  • Used shelving contains every component needed for assembly but will have been bought and used in the past
  • Reconditioned/refurbished shelving will contain every component needed for assembly just like used shelving.
  • New shelving will contain every component needed for assembly brand new straight from new stock.

We offer help in designing a layout for your space to maximize your storage capabilities. All our products meet OSHA Standards. In the Lee’s Summit area, contact us for more answers to your industrial shelving questions.

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