When to Reorganize Your Warehouse in Indianapolis

Looking around your warehouse, do you think it could be organized much more efficiently?  In the Indianapolis area, you have Warehouse Solutions to help you decide if its time to reorganize. Keep in mind warehouse innovations are constantly updating so that warehouses run smoother and can stay competitive.

Can you find everything quickly and easily?

This is important for a couple of reasons, time is money and safety. Being able to access your merchandise easily without obstacles, cuts down on injuries and property damage. Finding what you need quickly also saves money in work hours.

Do you have enough storage equipment?

Do you have the correct storage system to store your items properly? Again, this increases productivity and cuts back on injuries and damage.

It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive to  Reorganize Your Warehouse in Indianapolis

If you think it will be too expensive to reorganize your warehouse, think again. Warehouse Solutions is just that, we come up with a solution to find the best systems. We help you design and implement the system. And we offer used equipment that can really help you save money.

An efficient and well-organized warehouse keeps businesses running smoothly. Effective warehouse planning includes layout and space optimization. Labeling, proper racking, and management software keep warehouses ready to receive, prepare orders, and ship out in a timely manner. All this adds up to happy clients and customers. 

Warehouse Solutions, Inc. serves the Midwest area including Indianapolis and can help you organize your warehouse. We carry all the products and items needed to organize your warehouse. We carry both new and used systems. Below are some additional steps you can take to get your warehouse organized.

  1. Reduce clutter. A messy warehouse sends a message to potential clients and customers that their products will not be handled correctly, may get damaged or get lost. It also promotes bad habits among your employees. Anything that is not needed in the warehouse needs to be stored elsewhere or thrown out. 
  2. Keep the space clean. Take time each day to do light cleaning or sweeping and dusting. Every week, move items around and clean behind and under them. Monthly, do a deeper cleaning or washing, wiping down walls and equipment. 
  3. Take Inventory. Depending on the products you are storing, inventory should be a regularly scheduled task

Warehouse Services for the Indianapolis area: Pallet rack installation, warehouse teardown, relocation, and a few free warehouse services as well.

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