Wire Decks - New & Used

Wire decks are a strong, durable, clean and safe way to store your warehouse products. Wire Decks come in a variety of different sizes and styles and can even be custom built to suite your specific needs. There are many benefits using a wire mesh decking over the other forms of decking. They are easy to install, you can see through the deck and inspect your inventory, they provide for better air flow and there’s less surface area to gather dust.

Wire decks are preferred by local fire departments to meet code standards. Many cities and towns are moving towards only approving wire decks for fire code standards. Shelving surfaces made of wood – planks, particleboard and plywood, etc. and can be very dangerous if a fire breaks out in the warehouse. They are flammable and more importantly restrict water flow. By using wire decks you increase your overhead sprinkler effectiveness and thus could save a lot of your product.

OSHA, Cal-OSHA and local building departments prefer or require wire decks to meet safety standards. They assist in containing broken pallets and product. Utilizing wire decking above tunnels provides personnel protection.

There are a few factors required to specify the right wire decking for your job. One of the biggest factors is how much weight you are going to be placing on the surface. Wire deck capacities are based on evenly distributed loads. Also important is the type of condition in which it is installed, ambient or wet conditions, which determines the finish used and the channel orientation. The edge design can also be important based on the type of warehouse operation. Waterfall edge is standard, but there is also, flush and inside waterfall edge decks to consider. Please see our Wire Decking Styles page for reference.

Warehouse Solutions Inc. has a large inventory of new and used wire decks and is ready to assist you in selecting the right decks for your needs.

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