Free Warehouse Assessment

Warehouse Solutions Inc. is committed to improving the Material Handling Industry and one of the ways we accomplish this is to give a Free Warehouse Assessment to any business. As companies grow they add on more pallet racking, shelving, conveyor or other material handling components to suite their needs. Doing this can sometimes create inefficiencies in workflow, inventory control and many other challenges. Over the years we have found that many of these companies could be more efficient if they just made a few small changes to their current warehouse layout. The result would be:

  • Improved organization of inventory
  • Expanded/Better use of current space
  • Better use of existing equipment
  • More efficient product flow
  • Ultimately – better profits

It doesn’t matter how large or small your warehouse/storage area is. We have worked with companies that only needed a few boltless shelving units to companies that needed thousands of pallet positions. We saved one client more than $80,000.00 with just one suggestion. Another client fired their expensive consultant after our Free Warehouse Assessment and saved over $100,000.00 and the best part was that they didn’t have to move out of their existing building.

You could be our next success story! Call Warehouse Solutions Inc. today and schedule your Free Warehouse Assessment. 619-873-4410