Mobile Aisle Shelving

Mobile Aisle Industrial ShelvingMobile Aisle Shelving

Mobile Aisle Industrial Shelving is a great way to store a lot of products in a tight space. You simply stack these boltless shelving units next to each other on a track that allows them to slide from side to side.

They are versatile and economical as well. Warehouse Solutions, Inc. has installed these mobile aisle shelving units for many different kinds of businesses.

Warehouse Solutions Inc has installed many of these industrial shelving systems throughout the United States and is ready to help you build the perfect solution for your shelving needs.

If you want to maximise your space and increase your storage capacity then this is the perfect storage system for you! Here’s how they work:

Mobile Aisle Industrial Shelving

Easy to Handle!

Simply hold onto the handle of the mobile aisle shelving unit that you want to move. These are balances in a way that even the heaviest of shelving units are easy to move left or right. The handles can be places as high or low as you would like.

Mobile Aisle Industrial Shelving

Break and Break Release

Before you move the mobile aisle shelving unit you must first release the brake. Simply step on the brake release lever and the unit is now ready fr moving. Once you have moved it into the position you want you simply step on the brake pad at the top.

Mobile Aisle Industrial Shelving

Move it all the Way

after the break is released you simply move it until the unit fits snug against the bumper pad. this ped prevents the units from slamming into each other and disturbing the products your are storing. Once sung in place you simply put the brake on and you are ready.

Mobile Aisle Industrial Shelving

There’s Your Aisle

Now you should have the aisle open with the products you are looking for but before you enter there’s one more thing to do. You do not want to go inside the aisle while it is unsecure. Yes the brake is on but there is still one more step for your safety.

Mobile Aisle Industrial Shelving

Apply the Brake Bar

as an added safety step the brake bar holds the aisle open just in case someone was to try and move the units together without knowing you are in there. This bar is a great backup for your safety. There is a bar on every unit so it’s always there to be locked in.

Mobile Aisle Industrial Shelving

Easy Storage While Not In Use

When you are done accessing the aisles you want you can slide all the mobile aisle shelving units together for a tight and secure storage. This helps keep your storage area nice and clean while keeping your stored products save and out of harms way.

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