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Warehouse Solutions Inc. is a distributor of new and quality used industrial storage and material handling equipment offering “in-house” space planning, design, AutoCAD drafting, engineering, installation and permitting services to provide our customers with an integrated material handling system from concept through…

Warehouse Material Handling Equipment

We have a large inventory of used pallet racking, including uprights, beams, and wire decks as well as a selection of other material handling equipment and material handling systems.

We also offer other bulk material handling equipment such as:

We have the equipment to make your warehousing services seamless and efficient. Contact our Sales Engineers for the best products, services, and pricing at 619-873-4410 or toll-free at 800-278-1715.

Warehousing Services

We are your single-source solution for increasing productivity for your warehouse service by providing supply chain solutions. With a warehouse service list like this, you don’t need to look any further to improve your current material handling system.

Fixed Asset Recovery

When your old material handling equipment has reached the end of its lifecycle, don’t just scrap it. We can help you recycle your used pallet racking equipment instead. It’s better for the environment and can give you a better rate of return on your investment.

Building Permit Services

We can help you get all of the building permits you need to construct your new building. Don’t suffer from the headache of dealing with ins and outs of obtaining the correct permits from the appropriate city or county and let us do it for you. We can take the burden so you can focus on your warehouse space, material handling methods, and get the project done quickly.

Free Services

Free! Everyone loves the word free. We offer businesses free services including:

  • Client Coaching: We provide many businesses the chance to succeed by providing a business development plan for your unique distribution center. For example, the possibility of hiring third-party logistics for shipping and transportation of goods. Having a plan can give your business a competitive advantage.
  • Warehouse Assessment: We offer warehouse assessments to ensure your warehouse is set up and material movement is flowing properly to enhance your business’s productivity and decrease logistics costs. We provide you with the keys to logistics solutions, such as ease of transporting materials from one side of the warehouse to the other with an automated storage and handling system from manual material handling.
  • Fire Assessment: We’re committed to your business and the safety of your employees, customers, and structure.
  • Safety Assessment: Safety is one of our top priorities and we can help ensure your warehouse or retail distribution center operations are a safe place to work.

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Warehouse Pallet Rack Repair

Not ready to part with your broken pallet rack? No worries! We can help repair your used pallet racks so you can keep using them for years to come. Our customers can save money by repairing their pallet racks before purchasing new ones.

Project Management

We can help with major projects and the management of those projects so you can focus on your warehousing services. The supply chain is of critical importance in today’s business which means project management is integral to smoothly run your distribution centers.

Our warehouse safety consultants are experienced in warehouse design and building codes to ensure your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing plant is structurally sound in the event of an earthquake. We consult a Seismic Engineer who specializes in this area.

Our design team can come to survey your warehouse and help develop space utilization and a clearly defined strategy to help your warehouse services become more efficient. Once we have a plan for your business, we will use our design system to create a schematic with your new business design.

Warehouse Installation Services

Our warehouse services include installation services consisting of installing pallet rack systems in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Relocating? Don’t sweat it. Our team can help you move your automated systems, pallet racks, and industrial trucks from your old location to your new one with custom packaging and shipping.

Warehouse Space Planning

Warehouse Solutions Inc. is the expert in warehouse layouts, design, and delivers exceptional service to our customers. We’ve worked with and have seen many different layouts over the years and can help your unique business.

We Provide Warehouse Services Across The United States

We Provide Warehouse Services Across The United States

We are located in Lakeside, California, and serve the LA County region. We also provide warehouse services in the Midwestern United States including St.Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, and Indianapolis.

Interested in our warehouse services? Give us a call and see how we can help your warehouse and distribution centers today at (800) 278-1715.