Catwalk Systems

Catwalk warehouse storage is an efficient way to manage warehouse inventory. A catwalk system allows operators to retrieve items safely from high shelves or load boxes down onto pallets. Using pneumatic equipment or forklift trucks eliminates the need for ladders. They also provide an efficient way to organize products. There is no lost available space or interruption of operations with their open design. Catwalks can be an excellent solution for your material handling and industrial needs.

Is a Catwalk System Right for your Company?

Choosing a catwalk system is an important decision for any warehousing company because it can be expensive to purchase, install and maintain. It is important that a careful review of all available options is conducted to ensure that warehouse storage catwalks are installed in the optimal location and with pallets of the correct type and size.

With Warehouse Solutions, Inc., each system is custom-designed to the customer’s needs and warehouse configuration. Meeting local building and fire codes is also a top priority. Warehouse Solutions, Inc. has a large inventory of used new and used boltless shelving and pallet rack catwalk system components. For more information or to find out if a catwalk system will work for your operation, please contact us. To speak to one of our Sales Engineers, call (800) 278-1715.