Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be built to hold everything from lightweight items and boxes to the heaviest of products. Warehouse Solutions Inc. has one of the largest varieties of Industrial Shelving in the area, including:

Boltless shelving is the perfect way to get your warehouse up and running without worrying about complicated hardware. Warehouse Solutions has over 4,000 pieces in stock, ready for whatever need you may have.

Boltless shelves are versatile, moveable, great for bin storage, and are easy to assemble and adjust. These industrial shelves can organize your workspace, garage, or warehouse. Turn your workspace from clutter and disarray to an organized, well-oiled machine.

Mobile aisle industrial shelving is a great product to store inventory in tight spaces. Stack these boltless shelving units next to each other and on top of each other. They then are placed in a track that will slide back and forth, making room for more items as needed and efficiently storing items safe and neat.

Mobile aisle shelving systems are easy to handle as they are placed on a track that can be moved with the simple push of a handle. They are safe and have a brake release system that must be engaged before moving the shelves. Once the brake release is engaged, the frames can move and allow an aisle to open up. A second safety device must also be in place before stepping into the newly opened aisle. A brake bar is placed between the shelving units to keep them from accidentally rolling while you are in between them.

Chrome wire shelves are a great option to display items and keep them organized. Chrome wire shelving’s durable, elegant design can be used in many business applications where standard industrial shelves might not look appropriate or necessary for your setting. This storage unit is sturdy enough that you don’t need to worry about it falling and causing an accident. Contact our team about different options for industrial shelving products today.

At Warehouse Solutions, we are proud to offer a wide range of industrial shelving and racks for all your storage needs. The Jaken product line can be used in any location, from the office space where you’re storing boxes of paperwork to an active workshop environment where workers need easy availability of different products.

Jaken Co., Inc
. has been manufacturing warehouse and storage products for over thirty years and has one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the United States. Jaken Co. maintains California, Illinois, and China locations to service domestic and international customers alike. They provide high-quality warehouse equipment and storage solutions at a reasonable price.

…and many other styles!

Benefits of the Right Storage Solutions

We offer industrial shelving to help create the organization you’ve been dreaming of. With our extensive inventory, Warehouse Solutions Inc. can provide you with industrial storage racks and industrial shelving to fit any need for your area. Here are some benefits you can see by investing in the proper shelving.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Not only will proper storage solutions ensure that your work area remains neat and organized, but they can also promote efficiency in your workers by allowing them to easily access all needed equipment or products quickly and easily. This means less time looking for what you need, which allows more time to get work done.

Versatility in Type of Products You Can Store

It is important to know what type of material you are storing before purchasing the right industrial storage rack for them. Whether your products are heavy or light, wet or dry, or even hazardous materials like gas cylinders, you should consider the product before purchasing industrial shelving. The great thing about industrial shelves is that they can store a variety of products.

Affordable Prices

Industrial shelves are affordable compared to the pricing of large shelving unit systems. When choosing the right design for your business, it’s always key to consider your budget. Contact our sales team for pricing information. We can help you find the right shelves at the right price.

Space Saving and Organization

Industrial shelving units are perfect for saving space in your workspace and organizing your products. They can free up floor space to keep your work area clean, safe, and efficient.

Contact Warehouse Solutions Today!

Our team at Warehouse Solutions can create a custom shelving unit that meets your unique storage needs. From freestanding shelves to wire shelves, we can provide storage-saving styles and help you organize clutter. We offer the best prices on the market and are ready to help. Contact us with the details on your storage space needs, and let us create a workspace you can be proud of.

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