Warehouse Space Planning

One of the biggest mistakes new businesses make is trying to create their warehouse layout design by themselves. When anyone does it for the first time they undoubtedly make mistakes that can be costly. Warehouse Solutions Inc. is an expert in warehouse space planning and we have seen many different layouts over the years. Our experts can design the most efficient warehouse layout for your space and save you time and money.

Use our years of knowledge for designing optimal space utilization that will provide years of efficient use. We have worked with warehouses of all sizes and styles in plenty of challenging situations. Our knowledge is second to none in the supply chain industry and we are here to help you use it. Call today to learn more about designing your warehouse layout.

What are the basics of warehouse layout planning?

First, you want to make sure the warehouse is easy to navigate, has ample space, and is simple for employees. You also need to keep in mind who will be hauling items and where they will come from. Having sufficient storage areas and sufficient space for loading and unloading areas is key for an efficiently run warehouse. This includes considering the warehouse’s proximity to water, gas, and electricity. Warehouse Solutions Inc. can assist with this by coming up with an internal and external layout that makes the warehouse processes easy and efficient.

The planning process can take some time, but our team will make you feel comfortable and included in the warehouse layout designs to ensure we are exceeding your expectations. Have multiple warehouse locations? No problem! We are here to help optimize your storage capacity.

How does warehouse space planning benefit a business?

By designing your internal warehouse environment, you will save time and money in the long run. This is especially true if you need to expand your warehouse or relocate your warehouse operation at a later date. When considering warehouse space planning it is important to remember warehouse layout plans are not permanent. You can always build off of them when you need to expand your warehouse with the help of Warehouse Solutions Inc.

Space planning is one of the most important considerations in warehouse inventory management. It is also one that warehouse owners tend to put off until it’s too late, which results in lost time and money that could otherwise be saved. The warehouse owner, warehouse manager, or warehouse planner should take into account warehouse layout plans early on to ensure the warehouse will meet the requirements of the warehouse management system at all times, including growth and expansion.

How to Prepare for a Warehouse Layout Design Process

Keeping warehouse layout plans simple while also keeping expansion in mind can be very challenging. Before you start designing warehouse space, it is important to make sure the warehouse is operating at maximum efficiency with its current layout. You’ll want to know the current internal environment of your layout and decide what operational areas are lacking. Before planning begins you’ll want to make a list of the quantity of installed equipment (such as pallet racks or packing tables) you have on hand and if you need to add more.

The operations management team should be part of the planning process to ensure you have planned enough space to operate. Then Warehouse Solutions, Inc. can help you design an ideal warehouse layout plan that will keep warehouse operations running well into the future. We will provide you with the warehouse blueprint and can make changes as the planning process proceeds.

Warehouse Layout Planning Considerations:

There are many things to consider when designing your warehouse layout setting including:

  • Material flow and warehouse storage requirements
  • Material handling equipment such as pallet racks, pallet jacks, forklifts, and other warehouse machinery
  • Warehouse worker access to warehouse items and aisle space

When planning the layout of a warehouse it is important to consider the storage area as that is where you will store inventory and employees will spend a majority of their time. The proper design will make it easy for your employees to get warehouse items in and out of the warehouse efficiently. Failure to take warehouse space planning into account can result in many unnecessary headaches down the road.

Planning for storage space and shelving in your warehouse:

Warehouse Solutions, Inc. offers warehouse space planning for businesses that want to optimize storage and shelving, as well as worker access to items. Each business is different and your unique needs will come into play. If you have large items that you store or have small material stored, we will have a plan to set up your pallet racking while using the minimum aisle width for efficient traffic flow.

Our warehouse design service ensures your business is set up for success today and into the future. To start this process, contact us today.

Incorporate Safety into Your Design

Warehouse Solutions, Inc.’s design service includes safety considerations. This means we take into account warehouse layout plans that provide adequate space to reduce accidents and injuries, ensuring the workplace is easily accessible and a safe area at all times. With such considerations, your business can avoid costly lawsuits and employees can rest easy knowing their safety standards are always being met.

Considerations for Special Uses, Such as Cold Storage or Chemical Storage Spaces:

If special storage is necessary, then you may need to hire designers that have experience in your warehouse use. For example, if you are using the space for cold storage or chemical warehousing, design services may be required. We provide warehouse owners, managers, and planners with layout plans so they can avoid making critical mistakes during the initial design phase.

If warehouse space is limited and business owners wish to expand, our planners will take this into account when making your layout plans. This means our designers will design additions that are as compact as possible so the entire warehouse can enjoy added storage space. If you want your warehouse to grow with your business, our planners at Warehouse Solutions Inc. design service will ensure your business is ready with the proper schematic.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your current warehouse floor to an efficient layout, contact our design team today and see how we can help your business. Give us a call or visit us online(800) 278-1715.