Modular Offices

There are several advantages to choosing Modular Offices over “stick-built” construction.

  • Relocate, Expand and Reuse – Modular components are 100% re-usable and interchangeable, making moves & changes quickly and easily. With modular construction it is possible to add a second story, tear down one big office and construct two smaller ones or move it all to a new place and never lose the original investment.
  • Stronger Construction – Traditional drywall and stud construction leaves unsupported cavities that can be punctured easily. Modular panels use much stronger materials and utilize fully supported wall substrates using a polystyrene core, giving the walls true impact resistance for long useful life.
  • Better Sound Deadening – The solid core panel construction enables better sound control than conventional walls, to create a comfortable work area even in the loudest manufacturing plants.
  • Faster Occupancy – Modular office installations take days instead of the weeks involved with conventional construction. This saves you money and time by minimizing production downtime and other business interruptions.
  • Pre-Engineered – Each job gets detailed drawings and a complete bill of materials. The product is pre-engineered and can meet any building code. A local engineer or architect will only have to review and seal the drawings. This is much less expensive than starting from scratch with convention construction.
  • Permits are NOT Always Required – Small modular rooms within a plant can usually be assembled without a permit. This is never the case with conventional construction which always requires a permit and can tie up a project for weeks. (Consult your local building department)
  • Easily Permitted – Large or multi-level modular offices and buildings are pre-engineered and designed to meet all current building codes for a simple permitting process.
  • Tax Benefits – Modular office construction qualifies for accelerated depreciation according to recent tax laws, depreciating over 7 years as opposed to 39 years for conventional construction.

Modular Construction is ideal for:

  • n-Plant and Warehouse Offices
  • Offices in a Shell Building
  • Computer Labs
  • Locker Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lunchrooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Security Stations
  • Machine Enclosure Rooms
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Attendant Booths
  • Clean rooms
  • Guardhouses
  • Paint Enclosures

Pre-assembled guard & security booths are also available