Building Permit Services

In addition to providing a permit drawing package, Warehouse Solutions Inc. can also handle the submittal of plans to the applicable city or county building and fire departments for permit approval. We have many years experience and have developed a good reputation and relationship with many city plan checkers and inspectors, which helps facilitate the permitting process

Our frequent dealings with various building departments have allowed us to gain insider knowledge on what each individual city requires, what the plan checkers want to see on the drawings, whether they review the drawings themselves or employ the services of outside consultants for their review and what is their average turnaround time. Dealing with corrections if they arise is also easier when there is a good working relationship in place

At the time of submittal Warehouse Solutions Inc. will also supply, on your behalf:

  • All fees required by the city (to be reimbursed by the customer)
  • A detailed permit drawing package
  • Total valuation of the project
  • Contractor/installer information
  • A high-piled stock form (or fire technical report depending on the city and situation) completed by the customer detailing what product is being stored, how it is being stored, whether it is encapsulated and what is its hazardous group classification.
  • A hazardous materials questionnaire completed by the customer regarding the business’ activities.

Warehouse Solutions Inc. will coordinate any building or fire department corrections with the engineer, customer and other involved parties, reply to them and resubmit. Once the permit is ready for issuance we will pick it up and pay the required permit fees (to be reimbursed by customer).