Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire ShelvingChrome Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire Shelving is durable and elegant. In many business applications standard industrial shelving looks out of place in a nice setting. These wire shelving units are both nice looking and sturdy.

Chrome Wire Shelving can be used in many different kinds of applications – uneven floors, containers, basements or even out where your clients can see them.

These shelving units can be customized to fit your specific needs. They are fully adjustable and easy to set up. You can purchase different parts separately to build it just the way you want it.

Warehouse Solutions, Inc has many Chrome Wire Shelving units in stock and ready to go. We can deliver and install them or you can stop by our Material Handling Yard and pick them up. Call today to reserve your Chrome Wire Shelving units.

Chrome Wire Shelving

Versatile & Moveable

Chrome Wire Industrial Shelving is versatile and can be used for just about anything you can imagine. It’s movable capabilities makes it perfect for any location whether its in a garage or out in front of your customers in the most elegant showrooms.

Chrome Wire Shelving

Perfect For Record Storage

Chrome Wire Industrial Shelving is perfect for record storage whether you are going from office to office collecting records and boxes on the portable cart or just storing, There are so many different ways you can use these Chrome Wire Industrial Shelving!

Chrome Wire Shelving

Great for Bin Storage

Chrome Wire Industrial Shelving is great for storage bins. The strong construction and wide shelving allows for easy storage and access of your bins. These shelving units can hold a lot of weight neatly, efficiently and in a clean looking application.

Chrome Wire Shelving

Easy to Assemble and Adjust

Chrome Wire Industrial Shelving is easy to assemble and you don’t need a degree to figure it out. These industrial shelving units are clearly marked for an easy build. Need to modify it? No problem! Look at the numbers on the sides and place it where you need it!

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