Pallet Rack Accessories

Rack Accessories can help make your warehouse more efficient. We have the products and know how to make that happen. Read more about each accessory below in the description.

There are several accessories available to customize any pallet rack storage system. Here are the most popular options:

    • Wire decks
    • Span-Track drop-in gravity flow lanes
    • Pallet safety cross-supports
    • Column protectors
    • End-of-aisle guards
    • Personnel protection netting
    • M-Dividers
    • Aisle sign kits
    • Pallet stop beams
    • Reel holders

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There are several accessories available to customize pallet rack to your specific use:

  • Pallet rack wire decking – Wire decking is a shelving foundation made from metal mesh. It’s made to fit snuggly between the two shelving beams (rear and front). Typically, warehouses use it for storing non-palletized products. Major advantages are that it can store broken or oddly sized pallets, water and light can get through when necessary, there are different sized gauge and finish options, it’s versatile, and they comply with fire safety codes.
  • Span-Track drop-in gravity flow lanes – These flow rollers are designed to help give the most surface contact to cartons as they use gravity to flow down the assembly line. Span-Track increases carton flow, gets rid of track hang-ups, and increases how much gets through the line. No shelves are necessary so you can add this to any new or existing pallet racking system. The strength and sturdiness of the lanes is great for storing items that vary in size and weight. Other advantages include easy installation, customizable ends, addition of length by inch, and temperature rated below zero.
  • Pallet safety cross-supports – Also known as cross bars, pallet safety cross supports do not carry the weight of the pallet but rather add safety to the entire system. They are less expensive than wire decks, made of galvanized steel, and meet fire safety requirements.
  • Column protectors – Column protectors help protect racking systems from dents and collapses. They come in a variety of heights to protect from forklift damage. 12 inches is the most popular option but column protectors come in different sizes to fit the needs of each warehouse.
  • End-of-aisle guards – Aisle guards provide protection for pallet racks, posts, and frames. Damage from forklifts can be costly but protecting them with rack guards made of steel will help safe-guard them. These are great for end racks, intersecting aisles, or wherever there’s a large amount of forklift traffic. Different lengths and designs are available to meet any warehouse needs.
  • Personnel protection netting – Protection netting keeps items from falling off of a racking system onto the floor or person. The netting is sturdy and is bolted directly to any pallet racking storage system.
  • M-Dividers – M-Dividers are a great solution for separating items and keeping things organized. This is an ideal choice for storing lumber, fencing, windows, pipes, and more. They can be ordered based on the product size so that the divider can safely hold specific items.
  • Aisle sign kits – Labeled aisles can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to locate and retrieve and object. Signs also keep forklift operators and products safe by helping with the flow of traffic.
  • Pallet stop beams – Pallet stop beams are an important safety accessory for your pallet racking system. The beams are designed to stop the pallet from falling off the back of the racking system. This helps keep products and people safe. Building inspectors will look for these!
  • Reel holders – Reel holders are the best choice for convenient storage of wire, chains, cables, rope, and anything else that can be wound up. They can be attached very quickly with only one person to any pallet rack.