Warehouse Installation Services

Warehouse Solutions Inc. is a licensed contractor in the State of California. Our fast, experienced in-house installation team is one of the best in the industry and is available for a variety of services such as:


Installation of all storage rack systems in a timely and cost effective manner helping you be more productive.

pallet racking new and used warehouse solutions

Relocation – teardown, transport and re-install of customer’s existing storage rack and equipment

damaged pallet rack warehouse solutions

On-Site Rack Repair – for safer and more productive warehouse. Just one accident can shut down a warehouse!


Conveyor Installations – Installation of conveyor systems for a better flow of production in your warehouse!


Systems integration – From simple installation of pallet racks to high tech integration of your entire warehouse system.

Assembly & Installation – We can assemble all of your material handling and industrial equipment such as lockers, workbenches, etc.

We have many other services related to installations such as Preventative/Scheduled Maintenance, Material handling and industrial equipment repair (dock, conveyor, etc.) and more. if you would like more information about our warehouse installations please call us today.