Site Survey and Layout Design

Warehouse Solutions Inc. provides the best solution when designing a new storage system and upgrading or consolidating an existing one. We welcome the opportunity to survey your site to gather information about your business and operation and create the best warehouse layout design to meet your needs.

Site Survey

During a site survey, our team will visit your location and speak to you about your operations. We’ll get more information on what type of business you do, how much material is stored and inventory you typically have on hand, the traffic flow of product from the storage areas to the loading and unloading areas. It’s also important that we know what type of warehouse equipment you currently have on hand.

We can create and provide a warehouse organization chart. Warehouse organization charts can give you a look at how your warehouse will be laid out and what goes where. These are easy and efficient tools to help layout your business’s unique needs.

Here is a list of some of the information we’ll need in order to get started:

  • Facility
  • Warehouse location (city and state)
  • Facility layout: AutoCAD Drawing (if available)
  • Location/information of all aspects of the building including:
  • Building columns or other obstructions (size & placement)
  • Floor (level, slab thickness & strength)
  • Lights
  • Fire sprinklers (type, density & height of)
  • HVAC ductwork
  • Dock Doors
  • Clear Height
  • Product/ Load Information
  • Dimensions: (width, depth, height)
  • Weight: Maximum/ Average per pallet or level
  • Pallet Information (type, number of bottom boards, wood/plastic, condition)
  • Product Type: Bulk/raw material used in manufacturing/assembly or a finished product?
  • Number of pallet positions required
  • Product Movement

Chart Product Flow through the warehouse and associated requirements for each:

  • Receiving
  • Put away
  • Replenishment
  • Picking
  • Order consolidation
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Quality assurance
  • Returns
  • Pick operations:
  • Box or carton pick (open or full)
  • Frequency of pick
  • Number of pick items
  • Time sensitivity/order of use (First in/first out or first in/last out)
  • Future expansion plans
  • Details about the Fork truck(s)
  • Capabilities (lift height, lift capacity, turning radius)
  • Aisle requirement(s)
  • Layout Design

Warehouse Layout Design

Once Warehouse Solutions Inc. has surveyed the site and gathered information on the physical space, the general operation, product flow, operational design goals and budget, we will work together to achieve an optimal layout and provide a warehouse organization chart.

We consider different types of material handling systems based on your need and budget. We draw the design utilizing Computer-Aided Design (CAD). CAD enables us to easily develop alternative layouts for your warehouse and manufacturing operations in the course of the material handling planning and design.

CAD has several advantages that make it more accurate and convenient than drawing by hand and relying on standard mathematical calculations. Additionally, CAD is accurate enough to produce drawings that can be used for the installation of pallet racking and other equipment. Once you approve a design, we will specify the storage and material handling equipment and provide either a budget or hard quote on the materials, installation, engineering, and permitting labor.

Things to Consider During the Warehouse Design Process

During the warehouse design process, there are certain things we will consider and address, like certain areas of your warehouse spacing, equipment, inventory management, loading and unloading areas, etc. To create an efficient warehouse layout you’ll want to ensure you have ample space for employees, inventory, equipment, and office space.

You’ll want to ensure that warehouse equipment is selected with the warehouse layout in mind. In warehouse environments, your employees must have safe storage areas to work in, but the minimum aisle width to fit your inventory as the warehouse floor space is often limited. It’s important to choose warehouse equipment that has been designed for operations and sufficient space.

Inventory and supply chain management is an important aspect of warehouse operations and warehouse layouts. Warehouse Solutions’ warehouse designers can help you minimize your warehouse storage space, but they will also ensure that the warehouse not only meets the daily demands of each inventory item during warehouse operations but that equipment such as pallet racks and shelving units are strategically placed throughout the warehouse floor plan for ease of picking and to reduce warehouse congestion.

Benefits of a Professional Warehouse Layout Design

Professionally designing your warehouse layout has many benefits. Having an efficient layout can improve your business in different ways.

  • Increase Warehouse Space: Providing adequate space for inventory, equipment, and employees is important for having a strong business. You can set yourself apart from other warehouses by having a warehouse layout that provides for product storage, aisle space, and generous space for employees to work.
  • Improve Efficiency: If your warehouse’s layout is set to optimize space, but still create enough space to store products, you can reap the benefits of having optimal efficiency.
  • Create a Safe Workplace: The right warehouse plans will have safety in mind, especially since most warehouses have heavy equipment and employees coming in and out of them. Pallet jacks, pallet racks, and stored goods should be secured and safe. We will allocate space specifically for a loading area, unloading area, packing area, storage area, packing stations, reception area.
  • Save Money: With efficient workflow areas designed specifically for your operation, you can create a quick packing and storage system that will save your employees time, which in turn saves you money.

Warehouse Solutions, Inc. will work with you to design the most efficient warehouse space possible for your company. Our team of professionals are experts in designing warehouses that increase efficiency and productivity while providing a safe workplace for employees. If you’ve been considering building or renovating a warehouse but have no idea where to start, let us know! We offer a variety of services, including free site surveys so we can learn more about what your needs are before creating a custom plan just for you.Contact our expert team today by calling (800) 278-1715 to get started on planning an optimal workspace without breaking the bank.