Los Angeles Pallet Racks, Discount Pallet Rack and Used Pallet Racking

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Los Angeles Pallet Racks, Discount Pallet Rack and Used Pallet Racking

If you live in Los Angeles, CA, Ventura County, Riverside County, or any surrounding cities, we offer pallet racks, wire decking, beams, uprights, mezzanines, and more!

Warehouse Solutions, Inc. is your material handling warehouse storage expert for warehousing equipment and installations for warehouse companies.

Los Angeles has many warehouses, and we have worked with many of the companies in the county to provide storage solutions based on their specific needs and materials being carried. If your company is in Los Angeles, CA, San Bernardino, or any surrounding cities and you need material handling assistance such as buying or selling pallet racking or installing, tearing down, or relocation services in California, you should speak with us and see how we can help!

Advantages of Using Pallet Racks

There are many benefits to using pallet racks in your warehouse, but some of the more important ones include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Provides efficiency with increased floor space and storage
  • Reduction in labor cost for picking and moving pallets

Pallet Racks come in a wide range of sizes. We have pallet racking systems that can hold anywhere from 3 pallets up to systems that hold over 370 pallets. Our pallet racking systems are very strong and designed to take on heavy weight, which means if you have a lot of product being stored or need your warehouse storage at a certain height, we have the perfect pallet rack for your facility!

Pallet Rack Cost In Los Angeles

Companies in Los Angeles know how important it is to use pallet racks to increase productivity and store more products efficiently. This is why companies that use pallet rack shelving typically are more competitive and provide more efficient services than their competitors that do not use pallet racks.

However, there are different types of pallets available on the market. It is important when purchasing pallet racks to find ones that will work with your warehouse layout and your unique operation. For example, pallet racks come in different gauges to hold the weight, and pallets are manufactured to meet specific pallet rack gauge requirements.

Some companies get their pallets for free or purchase them at a significantly reduced price because they need so many. We see this all the time when pallets are purchased in large quantities.

New vs. Used Pallet Racks

There are benefits of purchasing used pallet racks vs. new shelving systems. Used pallet racks have a lot of the same advantages as new ones, but there is a difference in cost. Many companies do not want to pay for new pallet racking systems and sometimes complain that they cannot afford it. This is when choosing a used pallet rack can save your budget. Most used or discounted racks are going to be sturdy and need minor repairs.

Some companies prefer to purchase new pallet racks because they believe their product will be safer from damage if it is on a new pallet rack versus an old one. New racks should need little to no repairs initially, but the initial cost will be higher.

Pallet racks are an essential part of every warehouse, and pallet racking in Los Angeles can be a huge cost if you don’t know what type you need. We offer pallet racks at discounted prices, but we also provide new pallet racks as well. Give us a call today if you would like help finding pallet racking in Los Angeles or Orange County, Santa Barbara, Ventura Country, or San Diego County!

Types of Pallet Racks in Los Angeles, CA

Warehouse Solutions, Inc. buys and sells the following warehouse products:

  • Pallet Racks: Selective pallet rack, used pallet racks, discount pallet racking, drive in rack, pushback rack, cantilever rack, pallet flow rack, carton flow tracks, rack accessories, and other new and used rack equipment.
  • New and used beams: C channel, box beams, load beams, and more.
  • Industrial shelving: Rapid Rack, boltless shelving (rivet), archive storage, and more.
  • Wire Decks: U-channel wire decking, waterfall wire decks, wire mesh decking, and various decking for any application.
  • Mezzanines: Any size mezzanine or catwalk system.
  • Conveyor: Gravity or powered conveyor systems.
  • Dock Equipment: Used dock lights with fans, bumpers, and more.
  • Modular Offices: these are great for temporary or moveable office space.
  • Forklifts: New and used forklifts for any job.
  • Warehouse Services: Pallet rack installation, warehouse teardown, relocation, and a few free warehouse services as well.

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In Los Angeles County, California, give us a call and let us help you improve your warehouse storage and become more efficient!

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