The Details of Warehouse Pallet Rack Repair

warehouse pallet rack repair

Pallet racks are one of the most important assets for any warehouse or warehouse distributor. But like all equipment, your pallet racks will eventually need repair at some point in time. When you do need to repair your damaged warehouse racking, make sure that you know how to do it properly and when it’s best to get started on fixing them.

What is a Warehouse Pallet Rack?

A warehouse pallet rack is a metal, wood, or plastic storage system used in warehouses to store large quantities of goods. Usually, warehouse pallet racks are made up of several rows that stack on top of each other. They can be adjusted depending on how high you want to store your inventory. A pallet rack helps maintain continuous product flow in a warehouse setting, and rack failures can cause significant issues for your business operations.

Why Warehouse Pallet Rack Repair is Important When Pallet Rack Damage Occurs

The pallet racks in your warehouse are one of the most important pieces of equipment you have. They store and stack goods to avoid damage during transport to customers or other warehouses. If a warehouse rack is broken, it can cause serious problems with how products are stored and distributed. Yoru company can lose money when the product gets damaged. Damaged racks are a regular occurrence over time in busy warehouses. Rack frames can be damaged from forklifts or other material handling equipment. Pallet rack repair should be forecasted as routine maintenance in your budget.

Having a damaged rack can also provide an unsafe work environment and present liability issues. If warehouse employees are moving goods on a damaged portion of racking that is wobbly or weak, their safety may be compromised, and there’s a chance they can get hurt. If your warehouse employees get hurt because of rack damage, you’ll be forced to pay for medical expenses and workers’ compensation.

When to Repair Your Pallet Rack

If there are signs of cracks, rust, or corrosion on your warehouse rack system, it’s time to start thinking about rack repair before it completely breaks down.

If you see that a warehouse rack is leaning in one direction more than the other and if it continues over an extended period, your warehouse pallet racks will start to weaken, and they could collapse. Pallet rack damage can cause even more damage to your product and compromise the safety of your employees.

How to Repair Your Pallet Racks: Pallet Rack Repair Kits

There are pallet rack repair kits that you can buy to help keep your warehouse pallet racks in great shape in a cost-effective way. Many warehouse distributors use pallet rack repair kits, so they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new pallet rack frame every time a pallet system breaks down. Repairing an old, damaged rack is also environmentally friendly since it keeps metal and warehouse rack repair parts out of landfills.

You can also choose to do the warehouse rack repairs by yourself instead of getting an outside warehouse company to help you repair your warehouse systems. The downside is that it could take up a significant amount of time, and it’s easy for mistakes to happen. Using repair kits to fix your pallet rack should be done by a professional. Warehouse pallet rack repair companies have seen many warehouse accidents happen when managers try to do their own pallet racking repairs.

How to Repair Your Pallet Racks

Step 1

When a rack has been damaged, the first step in repairing it is to inspect and assess its condition. If rack repair is needed, you should record the repair needs. Once everything has been assessed, remove the pallets and block off the area to be repaired, so additional damage doesn’t occur.

Step 2

After the area is secure, begin the pallet rack repair process by attaching an engineered rack lifting jack to the damaged pallet rack. The pressure needs to be released and all pins installed for the hydraulic pressurization system to work properly.

Once in place on the top or bottom plate, release some tension with the control device so it can plumb up against the upright. Once this is completed, you can remove the anchor, and the anchor flush is pounded to the floor.

Step 3

Next, measure and mark cut locations on the damaged column of the pallet rack. The height of the column you will cut can be obtained from the rack repair kit. You can cut struts to release any tension if necessary, but struts must never be removed by bending or tearing them out.

Step 4

Starting with the front column, cut off and remove each side of the damaged column. Then a channel—an engineered insert that provides extra stability and support to the existing rack system—is clamped into place. Use heavy-duty grade 5 bolts to secure the channel into place.

Step 5

Next, release the jack’s pressure, so the repair kit sits on the frame. Then pressure will be reapplied to take the stress off of the repair kit. Use a level to ensure there aren’t any issues with alignment once the repair kit is in place.

Step 6

After the column is in place, anchor it and add the struts. You can remove the jack once the column is anchored. Your task of pallet rack repair is now complete!

Prevent Future Damage

Prevent warehouse rack failure by following these warehouse pallet racks tips:

  • Keep warehouse racking clean and free of corrosion and rust. This will help prevent warehouse systems from breaking down or failing in the future. Check your warehouse rack system regularly so that if any damage does happen, it’s easy to identify sooner than later.
  • Warehouse pallet racks distributors that can help with warehouse racking problems or warehouse storage needs. There is a lot of variety when it comes to choosing warehouse pallets. There are warehouse systems designed for every need, from storing small parts to large warehouse supplies like crates.
  • Inspect your racks regularly for signs that they might need repairing. Pallet rack repair should be completed as soon as you notice damage, like if a forklift impacts the structure.
  • If you find any issues with the warehouse pallets, call an outside company to help you repair the pallet rack.
  • If rack repair is too expensive, consider replacing the rack with new warehouse systems.

Safety is a Priority!

Racks are a necessary part of your warehouse. They not only provide storage for goods, but they also help organize your goods and make it easier to find the items that you need. Over time, racks may wear down or get damaged from use. If this happens, a rack repair kit can be crucial so that they work properly again and your employees have an easy way to store products in their workplace. Keep your warehouse safe!

To learn more about how we can fix your broken or damaged pallet racks without having to replace all of them at once, call us today or click here to request a quote! We would love to answer any questions you have about our services. Get started restoring your warehouse to a safe and productive state today.