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A Storage Racking Systems, often called pallet racking, consists of pre-fabricated roll-form or structural metal components arranged with multiple beam levels to store product.  Without a racking system, pallets can typically be stacked no more than three layers. Depending on the warehouse storage rack systems, manufacturers can store up to seven pallets high! Storage rackings can be configured to hold a wide range of pallets, boxes, barrels, tires – really just about anything.

Why a Storage Rack Systems / industrial storage racks?

Warehouse storage racking systems manufacturers need to fit the warehouse space and the product(s) being stored. Some warehouses have a large amount of vertical space while others have a lot of floor space. Products may contain heavy items, odd-shaped things, perishable or seasonal items. Sometimes there are many of a few products while other times there is a variety of products with very few items. Deciding whether the system needs first-in, first-out (FIFO) or first-in, last-out (FILO) is another factor that can help decide which racking system fits the needs of the warehouse.

Why do you need to choose the right warehouse Storage Rack Systems / storage rack manufacturer?

Choosing the right warehouse storage racking systems manufacturer because a rack storage systems is important in order to give easy access to items while efficiently using a space and keeping the warehouse safe. Each type of system has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are also a range of accessories that can help customize storage shelves.

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Warehouse Solutions Inc. has created storage racking systems for many businesses ranging in size from a few bays to thousands of bays of racking. We have built them to custom fit the product to be stored when required and provided a flexible design to allow for changing product types for other customers.

Types of Pallet Racks / Storage Racks System

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